home water softener

Whether you decide to buy or rent a home water softener system, or decide to combine water conditioning with a home water filtration system, Stach’s has top quality residential water systems at affordable prices.

A Home Water Softener System from Stach’s can:

  • Protect plumbing & fixtures
  • Help your skin stay softer and smoother
  • Make your laundry brighter and cleaner
  • Shiny & more manageable hair
  • Dishes & glassware sparkle
  • Helps your water heater last longer, and use less energy
  • Save money on soaps and detergents

Just because water comes out of your faucet, doesn’t mean that it is free from impurities and chemicals. Good health for you and your family depends on clean, pure water. For drinking, bathing, and showering, clean, pure water makes you and your loved ones able to live more healthy, and vibrant lives.  An effective home water softener system from Stach’s can provide your family with soft, pure water.

A Home Water Softener System from Stach’s can Save you Money

Clean water also enables your appliances, such as washers and dishwashers, to operate more effectively, allowing you to use less detergents, and less energy. This saves you money, and helps the environment as well.

Stach’s Water Systems has less overhead than many of our competitors. This means we can provide the highest quality home water softeners for up to 25% less than our competitors, and still provide professional, responsive service.

Contact us today for a no obligation analysis of the water in your home.